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Tasks to do During Open Hours

Page history last edited by Claire K Henry 12 years, 1 month ago
A big part of Open Hours is welcoming people into the garden and talking to them about the work that we do.  
It is also time to do anything around the garden that needs doing. 

Some general chores that always need doing...
1) Water the flowers in the tree pits on Washington Ave. 
2) Water common area beds:  shade and native gardens, herb garden, sunny perennial border, welcome gardens
3) Sweep and straighten up the composting toilet
4) Straighten the tool shed
5) Check for trash in the welcome gardens
6) WEEEDING!  If you feel comfortable and knowledgeable you can weed in the common area along the fence with the school or in the welcome gardens.  If you are not sure about what is a weed and what is not, check and see if there is another gardener around who might know and ask them.  If you are not sure and no one is around to ask, you can always weed the path and/or the common area in the back (the bricks and blue stone from the fig tree to the fenced compost piles).  
7) Check for and spill out any standing water (Death to all mosquitos!)

  •      Stop, chop and drop all yard waste that is not done into waste bin
  •      Turn contents on Bin #1 into Bin #2; turn Bin#2 into Bin#3
  •      Sift contents of Bin #3 into Bin#4; place leftover sticks and big chunks into "browns" bin
9)  TRASH!  Check the Department of Sanitation Trash Pick-up Schedule inside the green shed.  Black bag trash should be put out during Open Hours shifts on Sundays and TuesdaysThursday evening Open Hour shifts are for black bag trash, recycling (both paper and metal/plastic) and all bulk trash.  If putting out bulk trash (sticks, wood, old tomato cages, etc.) please make sure that these items are tied into managable bundles.  There is string in the yellow shed for this.

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